This property has so far been our primary residence for the past 13 years.


During this time, we have bred Iberian pigs in the upper part of the finca, where there are oaks trees and acorns. Also, we have harvested olives from the 230 olive trees for oil. In addition, every nine years, one is allowed to harvest the cork from our 175 cork oaks found in the finca - the next harvest will be approximately 2019.


Currently, we simply enjoy our horses grazing on the land, our garden of vegetables and aromatic herbs, along with our annual harvest of fruit.


However, with time and dedication, this property has great business potential - for example:


  • Rent the main house for short-term rural tourism, both Spanish and foreign.
  • Rent the cottage for both short and long term let.
  • Monthly rent of the barn and stables, including the outdoor equestrian arena.
  • Cultivation of olive trees and cork oaks.
  • Breeding Iberian pigs and/or horses.
  • Plantation of grape vines for wine production.


Another alternative if one wanted to, given that the farm has two separate entrances from the main road, is to divide the land into two parts to sell or rent.


One part consisting of the top entrance of the property, its approximately 4 hectares of cork oaks with the cottage and another part that would include the bottom entrance of the property, with the main house, barn, stables, equestrian arena and the remaining 6 hectares.


This would be entirely possible, thanks to the permitting legal documents.