The land has 10 hectares and one could say that it consists of two distinct parts, the lower part and the high part. One entrance is located at the bottom of the property and the other at the top.


The top part consists of the cottage and approximately 4 hectares of cork oaks, enclosed with wire fencing.


The lower part of the property consists of olive trees, barn and stables, the main house, its front and back patios, the garden, pool and outdoor equestrian arena.









The front patio is east facing and offers wonderful views of the garden, the pool and the beautiful olive grove.

The patio consists of clay tiles and a large covered porch with direct access either to the kitchen-dining room or pantry-laundry room.


This patio enjoys the morning sun.









                                                         BACK PATIO


                        The back patio measuring 26x10m, is located to the west,

 accessed from the kitchen-living room and enjoys beautiful views of the olive grove.


                   It has one door with direct access to the olive grove and another

                                                   with access to the garden.



This patio is completely enclosed by a 1 metre high wall with wooden

fencing to keep the animals out.


Clay tiling throughout, wrought iron pergola with climbing wisteria and a small constructed fountain in the centre.

                        The square beds are currently used for growing vegetables,

                                                    fruit and all kinds of herbs.


                                            The patio enjoys the afternoon sun.











The garden is approximately 2,500m2 and consists of a lawn area

with automatic irrigation and flower beds,

however it mostly consists of roses with a variety of old species, many of which have been imported from England.


In addition, the garden also enjoys a variety of fruit trees such as figs, almonds, oranges, lemons, plums, apples, quinces, walnuts, apricots, raspberries and blackberries.

The large natural swimming pool and an original lily pond are also found in the garden.











The natural swimming pool measures 9x6m and has a depth of 1.20m.

It was restored using ceramic floor tiles and still retains its authenticity demonstrating both its original tile dated 1893, as well as the traditional copper tube from which the natural spring water travels into the pool.










The outdoor equestrian arena measures approximately 60x20m.

Completely enclosed using a combination of wood and iron poles.


A surface of sand measuring approximately 15-20cm deep with good drainage.